Message Templates

Messages sent via campaigns and the message send API can leverage Liquid templates in the message bodies to provide subscriber specific messaging based on subscriber properties.

For most use-cases, message templates will use simple placeholders to build subscriber targeted messages. However, Liquid templates also support conditional logic, collection iteration, and other powerful features that can enable a rich messaging experience. Please refer to the Liquid documentation for more information.


Consider the case where subscribers have been uploaded to Chatitive with the following properties:

phoneNumber  emailAddress      firstName  lastName  hatSize  catName
5555550001   Joe        Wong      M        Wiggles
5555550002  Mary       Smith     L        Barnacle

We have the following template, which can be sent through the message send API or configured as the body on a campaign:

Hey {{ }}, HatsHatsCats here!

We've got a new hat to keep {{ }} stylish.
Check it out!{{ }}

The message Joe would receive would have the templated values populated as follows:

Hey Joe, HatsHatsCats here!

We've got a new hat to keep Wiggles stylish.
Check it out!

In this example, the message is targeted and the properties are used to direct the customer to a specific product, the medium sized cat hat.

If you have questions, please contact Chatitive Support.