Retrieve a transport

Retrieves a single transport. A transport encapsulates an endpoint ( e.g. a short code, or Facebook page ) that subscribers can communicate with. A channel can have more than one transport, but a subscriber can only be on one transport at a time.

Resource URL:


Resource information:

Response formatJSON
Requires authentication?Yes

Sample code:

curl -X GET \
     -u '[SID]:[TOKEN]' \

# Sample response
  "created_at": "2017-02-22T21:45:35.000Z",
  "updated_at": "2017-02-22T21:45:35.000Z",
  "status": "open",
  "status_updated_at": null,
  "sid": "eaBoeXvpfadRPgyYaaZJpw",
  "account_sid": "RsbrYCSo2m0sShMLOlZqtw",
  "channel_sid": "mYpW4kwdnrlVhpIrnmBahg",
  "endpoint": "3057486585",
  "protocol": "tel"
Python coming soon.
Node coming soon.