Create subscriber event notification

Notify Chatitive that a subscriber event has occurred.

Subscriber events trigger workflow execution for workflows that are configured to listen for the specific events. The subscriber event mechanism provides gives multiple workflows the opportunity to handle the system event. By utilizing specific start conditions, the actual workflows that handle the event can be customized to the subscriber and event details.

Note that either phone_number or subscriber_sid must be specified to identify the subscriber for whom the event has occurred.

Currently, events can only be published for subscribers that are already in the Chatitive system. Event publication with unrecognized phone numbers is a no-op.

Utilize the payload parameter to pass details of the event to workflows as workflow kwargs (keyword arguments). These arguments can be used to build start conditions, create custom messaging, set properties, and add subscribers to groups. In the sample below, ticket_id, ticket_status, and cs_agent_name will all be available to any workflow that is triggered by the event.

Such a workflow might have a start condition as follows,

ticket_status equals 'Success'

Which restricts the workflow from executing for tickets that were not sucessfully resolved. That workflow might send the following message, requesting feedback,

Hi {{ }},

We'd appreciate any feedback on your recent support interaction with {{ cs_agent_name }}. You can just reply to this message.
More information about your support request is available at {{ ticket_url }}.
Have a great day!

Notice that the payload keys are available as workflow arguments. Complex objects (nested hashes) are valid values for workflow and event payload arguments.

Resource URL:


Resource information:

Response formatJSON
Requires authentication?Yes



The name of the event being notified. Note that this value must match exactly what is configured on the workflow start conditions.


The phone number of the subscriber for whom the event has occurred. Either phone_number or subscriber_sid must be specified.


The unique identifier of the subscriber for whom the event has occurred. Either phone_number or subscriber_sid must be specified.


The event payload. This dictionary directly available within workflow execution for use in start conditions, message building, property setting, etc.

Sample code:

curl \
  -X POST \
  -u '[SID]:[TOKEN]' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d '{ "event_name": "RequestSupportFeedback", "phone_number": "555-555-5555", "payload": { "ticket_url": "", "ticket_status": "Success", "cs_agent_name": "Pam" } }' \

# Sample response
202 Accepted
Python coming soon.
Node coming soon.